When I was getting ready for work this morning, I took out a pair of trousers from my drawer as is my wont. I thought that the trousers were black, but it was possible that they were actually dark blue. It was a sort of 50/50 thing between the two options – either black or dark blue. My tired, sleepy eyes were still adjusting to the cruel shock of being open, and the yellowy glow from the light bulb produced a slightly distorted version of reality. I held the trousers against my black jacket, but the yellow glow made me a bit confused.

I made my decision, got dressed and left the house. The natural daylight immediately alerted me to my mistake. These were certainly blue trousers, not black at all. I was wearing the wrong trousers. I briefly considered going back inside the house to get changed, but I had a train to catch. Yes, I could have got a slightly different train, but no, I had set out on this path now. I had decided that the train I was going to catch was the train that I was going to catch.

And now, I feel slightly silly. Blue trousers and a mismatching black jacket. Filled with regret, I keep thinking of how all this could have been so easily avoided. If only I’d been better informed. If only there hadn’t been this sense of distortion surrounding the issue. If only I hadn’t been so focused on sticking to a particular path instead of being more flexible and open to debate. This is the worst of all options, but here I am.

Haven’t really had much of a chance to read the news today, so not sure if anything important is happening, or if there’s anything that this somewhat meandering story about trousers could possibly relate to.