1. This lovely video (essentially just a phone held up to a train window) for a Sandy Denny song (via Andrew Male)

Sandy Denny – No End (solo piano demo) – Heading south, winter 2009

“They said that it was snowing, in astounded tone, upon the news. I wonder why they’re always so surprised ’cause every year it snows”


2. This clip from a W C Fields film (via Rhodri Marsden) in which tries to sell a hoarseness cure

Cures All Kinds of Hoarseness

W.C. Fields sells patent medicine that “cures all kinds of hoarseness.” From the movie “the Old Fashioned Way” (1934)

3.  This book cover.  They must have too many Michelle Reads.

richelle mead

4.  This uplifting Icelandic lullaby

icelandic lullaby

5.  This litmus test for a great idea from David Ogilvy

ogilvy litmus test

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