Sorry if you feel duped or disappointed.  No cats here. This is just an experiment.

I’ve been reading this article on the grammar of ‘clickbait’.

It’s all a bit worrying really:

It’s a continuation of the trend towards unsubstantiated hype that we’re seeing in so much of our communication these days.  I’ve written before about the overuse of ‘awesome’ (Cauliflowers can’t be awesome, can they?) and ‘super-excited’.  On the face of it, job done if you get the clicks and it serves your need for better metrics.  But metrics aren’t everything – and there’s a risk that over-hype gives you a short hit, a disappointed punter, a visitor that’ll never return, a ‘battle’ won, a ‘war’ lost.

I’ve been experimenting with understated headlines in emails, abandoning the language of urgency.  My most recent one has the subject line “Would you mind awfully…”  The response has been spectacular quite pleasing.

Re: cats. Oh, alright. Just one.



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