‘Location-specific content’ was created by indigenous Australians 50,000 years ago.

This ‘content’ is used to this day to mark traditional and sacred routes through the Australian landscape.  These routes are called songlines.

In his book The Songlines, Bruce Chatwin described them as:

“…the labyrinth of invisible pathways which meander all over Australia and are known to Europeans as ‘Dreaming-tracks’ or ‘Songlines’; to the Aboriginals as the ‘Footprints of the Ancestors’ or the ‘Way of the Law’.  Aboriginal Creation myths tell of the legendary totemic being who wandered over the continent in the Dreamtime, singing out the name of everything that crossed their path – birds, animals, plants, rocks, waterholes – and so singing the world into existence.”

What brings the songlines to life is the singing – memorable ideas that are passed from person to person and from generation to generation across tens of thousands of years.

Puts ‘trending on Twitter’ for a couple of hours and a Foursquare update into context doesn’t it?

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