I spotted a post this morning from Mark Adams, which referenced a recruitment ad for a Content Manager that he’d seen.  Mark’s question was why nobody seems to be looking for a Restless Manager.  It’s a good question.  We are.

The reason we’re looking for a Restless Manager is that restlessness is a precondition of effective storytelling.  Content is the ‘they all lived happily ever after’ bit – the pay off at the end of the journey.  Students of the art of storytelling will know that an essential requirement of a memorable and engaging tale is a quantity of drama, intrigue, tension, fear, uncertainty and doubt on the road to happiness.  Various people have experimented over the years with ‘good news’, but it rarely works.  The objective of effective stories is to serve as some sort of catalyst.  Contentedness simply doesn’t work.

If you’re a PR professional and you’re feeling a little bit too content where you are, we guarantee you the opportunity for some life and career-enhancing restlessness.  The spaceship Houston prides itself on counter-intuition, ambition, a pride in what we do, experimentation, and a sense of fun.  If you’d like to find a better home for your imagination and your work ethic, we offer a great home, where you’ll learn a lot, get great support and have the opportunity to fulfil your ambitions.  Get in touch today! 54321@houstonpr.co.uk or call Hamish Thompson on 07702 684290.

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