We have some news…

We’ve just sent up the world’s highest press release to announce that we are shaking off our old company name.  Today we’re relaunching as Houston PR.


Accompanying the press release on the flight deep into the stratosphere was a memory card.  On it was an encrypted list of the names of a select number of people that we have worked with – or aspire to work with. We’ve also listed some of the more than 60 businesses we’ve had the good fortune to work with in our first seven years of trading.


If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that your name was on that list (clients, friends, family, Twitter followers, Twitter followed, Facebook friends, etc), so do feel free to tell people that you’ve “taken a trip to the edge of space” courtesy of us.

Here’s a video of the flight.

We’ve also moved our business to Somerset House in London, putting us at the heart of one of London’s most vibrant creative communities at the convergence of the Strand and Fleet Street.  We’ve been in our new offices for just over a week and we absolutely love it.

Given our new name, we’ve been debating how to answer the phone.  We might try “Houston. What’s your problem?” on for size.  Give us a call on 07702 684290.  We could use the practice.

Oh, and I added a tribute to my dad who skipped the surly bonds of Earth earlier this year.  Dad was a space geek.  This one’s for you, dad.


Best wishes

Hamish @HamishMThompson


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