Like all agencies we are occasionally unsuccessful in new business pitches.  It’s never a good feeling.  We always give it our all.  We always ask for feedback if we’ve missed out.  Sometimes we get it and sometimes we don’t.  Interestingly in most cases (when we do get feedback) the weakness identified by potential clients is the same:

“A lack of relevant experience.”

Why on earth would I be telling you this?

I guess because I have a theory.  I think that some buyers of PR services confuse “experience” and “expertise”.

Most of our mandates are for clients trading in sectors of which we had no prior knowledge.  We come to the table ignorant of many aspects of our clients’ business and their markets.

This doe-eye innocence, in my opinion, is one of the strongest weapons in our arsenal.  We’re not hamstrung by convention or orthodoxy.  We don’t know what “can’t be done”.  Instead we bring fresh ideas, insights and a novel way of looking at the problems that our clients face.

Here are some of the sectors of which we had no prior knowledge this year:


Higher education

Food manufacturing

Drink manufacturing




Digital imaging

CRM software

Some of these are highly complex and tightly regulated sectors.  In every case we have applied our expertise, backed by our 37-stage process (which takes a lot less time than you might think) to develop PR, social media and media relations programmes that have transformed perceptions of our clients’ businesses.  In several cases we have won awards for our work.

There are sector-specialist PR agencies, but we’re not one of them.  We have clusters of expertise but we don’t specialise.  Much of what makes our work a success is the reduction of our client’s story to a compelling core.  It has worked for Asda, John Lewis, Michel Roux Jr and Growing Underground, KANA Software, The Dahl Foundation, Puffin Books, PC World, Magister Advisors, Cortexica and many others.

If you’re in the market for PR expertise, I hope you’ll consider us.

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