2015 was a great year.

We did some terrific work (even if I do say so myself).

I made some mistakes and learned from them (as ever).

We invoiced NATO.

We hatched the Concept Album Talks.  James W did all the work.  We both invented it.

We sold Life Insurance that protects against Dalek invasion.

I wore my spacesuit to work (this is a joyous thing to do.  Buying a replica spacesuit is the best marketing investment I have ever made).

I discovered that the Naboo palace really exists in southern Italy (a long story).

I saw the new Star Wars movie twice and really enjoyed it.

I read a few great books. ‘Let Me Be Frank with You’ made up for ‘The Lay of the Land’.

We launched the world’s worst computer game (school exam simulator).

I learned a lot about how to grow a business. A LOT.

I placed my first Google ad.  So far, so good.

We launched a ‘snooze by’ date for mattresses.  James H did a great job with this.  I’m really proud of this one.

I made a log from the Isle of Skye world famous.  The log is going to take up residence in our office later in January if you’d like to come and have a look.

I visited a tripe shop in Naples that looked like a set from a Ridley Scott film.  It was amazing.

I met a few people off Twitter that I’d never met in real life and discovered that you really do get a sense of what people are really like from occasional bursts of 140 characters. Mrs Trefusis and LucyInglis – both as delightful as I hoped they’d be.

We worked with some terrific people (too numerous to mention – they know who they are).

I went on the Today programme twice.

We launched a pretentious menu demystifier.

We made a noise about endgate.

I went to an inspiring talk by Shami Chakrabarti.

I lectured at St Andrews University with Nicola C (on PR and journalism) for the fourth time.  I love doing this.

We launched holiday insurance for keeping up with the Indiana Joneses.

We launched an automated Star Wars spoiler removal tool. See previous posts about how social ideas require a brain, an idea, determination and no money.  Ignore the snake oil.

I did a better job of keeping in touch with old colleagues – and I will do more of this in 2016.

We decided that competitive pitches are a fool’s errand (well, mostly).  I now have five standard filter questions before agreeing.  I wish I’d had these three years ago.  It would have saved us MONTHS of work.

We worked on an important campaign for Tommy’s which was a great success.  Hannah did a terrific job.

I discovered the value of professional patience.

I learned about Bitcoin and blockchain.

I discovered that I am R2D2’s second cousin, twice removed (to my enduring joy).

I discovered that, sadly, there are people in life who prefer to take and run.

I reaffirmed my belief that the world is out there waiting for anyone with a brain, a cup of coffee, wifi access, the germ of an idea, determination, courage and flurries of optimism.

But enough looking back.  What next?

We’re looking for new team members in 2016.  The key things are that you’re really into doing great things, you’re prepared to learn, you try hard, you have an unusual way of looking at things, you’re commercially minded, you work hard, you’re ambitious, you love team work, you have a sense of the absurd and the ridiculous, you pay close attention to detail – and you really fancy the idea of working for an up-and-coming fearless PR and brand communications agency based at Somerset House and would eventually like to do my job.  Tweet me at @HamishMThompson if you’re interested (my DMs are open) or email me at hthompson@houstonpr.co.uk or call me on 07702 684290.

Happy 2016!

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