“Whoever wins, we lose” was the tagline from the slightly ropey 2004 film Alien Vs Predator.

It’s a phrase that often pops up in relation to politics, and right now it seems apposite, particularly if you look at the US presidential election. By that I don’t mean that I think Hilary Clinton would be as bad as Trump should she win. I think she has flaws but also a lot of good qualities and will do a good job, whereas the idea of Trump in the White House is nothing short of terrifying.

But what scares me almost as much as Trump winning the election is Trump losing the election. Because when (and it’s “when” not “if”) he loses, what happens next? That’s when things get scary.

I’ve been listening to Slate magazine’s Trumpcast a lot recently, and they’ve touched on this idea a couple of times. There’s one particular scenario that’s been keeping me awake at night.

It’s the possibility that after the election, Trump will use his elevated profile to launch some sort of media organisation or news network. Imagine that for a second. Like the worst elements of alt-right news organisations, but with a massive reach, and led by a man with an enormously high-profile and with no concern for facts or logic. And this new organisation will be speaking to a ready-made audience of furious supporters who are outraged that there’s a woman in the White House and who have already been primed to think that the election was rigged and that mainstream politics is corrupt.

It’s not a fun thought.

And now here’s a picture of a dog dressed as Superman to make you feel better: