Here are a few examples of the problems we have solved through our work.

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How can we launch our unique new brand?

Growing Underground


We led the award-winning launch for this innovative underground farm, based in tunnels 100ft under Clapham.

We supported the team through two successful fundraising campaigns, created the brand name, negotiated a partnership with Michel Roux Jr and continue to provide on-going PR support for the business as it grows its markets and sales. To date we have generated over a hundred pieces of broadcast coverage.

On launch day, Growing Underground was the lead story on Mail Online for several hours.

How can we drive product sales?



Realising that those short minutes at the breakfast table were on of the few times of the day when children aren’t looking at screens, we decided to find some other way to keep them interested.

Teaming up with the Roald Dahl Foundation, we printed extracts from Dahl’s classic children’s books on the backs of Asda cereal boxes.

As a direct result of this campaign, Asda’s own-brand cereal outsold Kellogg’s for the first time in their trading history.

How can we build and sustain profile with a new customer segment?

Virgin Money 


Virgin Money wanted to connect with a younger audience and get them to start thinking about life insurance.

We took a look at the small print of their policy and realised that anything not explicitly excluded was implicitly covered by them.

We announced the first life insurance policy to cover against the invasion of Daleks, an attack by the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, or getting caught up in a Sharknado.

This approach received widespread coverage from the Daily Star to the Financial Times, and reached an audience Virgin Money had struggled to connect with in the past.

How can we take a more creative approach to customer and partner engagement?

John Lewis


We created a new version of the wartime classic, Make Do and Mend, for the 21st century.  The book features hints and tips on home economics from John Lewis staff – from using banana skins to polish shoes to how to settle the debate over the best TV screen size for your sitting room.

The award-winning stunt coincided with the first quarter of recession and did a great deal to reassure John Lewis customers that the business was on their side.

Despite recessionary times, the business generated record sales in the quarter and the DNA of the idea fed into John Lewis’ subsequent Christmas ad campaigns which are all about the celebration of small, modest, heartfelt gestures.

The book sold through three print runs and raised money for the John Lewis Foundation, supporting the work of third world suppliers.

How can we take our new idea to market? We've already tried one approach and it didn't work.

Please Press 1


We launched a call centre menu obsessive’s site, which helps consumers find a quick way through the jungle of call centre menus.

This launch was an international hit, reported worldwide in newspapers, on major news sites and on broadcast.

It was also a reannouncement. We took over the task when the incumbent agency failed. We repositioned founder Nigel Clarke as a consumer champion and secured global broadcast coverage.

How can we showcase our expert advisory to a broader stakeholder audience?

Magister Advisors


Working with Magister Advisors our role has been to promote their views on emergent trends in the sectors of the global technology industry that they serve.

We do this through collaborative work on reports, industry analysis and reaction to M&A announcements.  The firm’s views are highly respected and have appeared on BBC News and CNN and in the FT, The Times, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal and in a wide array of other titles and online news sites.

Often the entry route to these opportunities is a strong metaphor or a compelling line that distils the essence of the situation and renders it more accessible to a large audience.  For instance, we likened mobile operators to ‘digital drug mules’, carrying the burden of data traffic generated by social media apps and sites with very little of the commercial upside.

As a result of our work, Magister Advisors’ MD, Victor Basta, is a sought-after commentator on technology industry trends.

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