We have launched Britain’s latest consumer champion, pleasepress1.com.

We’ve launched Britain’s first subterranean farm.

We conceived and launched the ‘Facebox’ reading campaign for Asda, Puffin Books and the Dahl Foundation, putting story extracts on the backs of millions of cereal boxes and helping Asda sell more own-brand cereal than Kellogg’s for the first time in their trading history.

We launched ‘Feed Your Family for a Fiver’ for Sainsbury’s, putting budget meals on the dinner tables of millions of homes.

We sent a billboard to the edge of space for the University of Sheffield to encourage potential students to trade up to a place at Sheffield during the clearing round.

We explained that consumption of PomeGreat juice deflates ‘muffin tops’, leading to a 500% increase in sales.

We relaunched Milton Keynes as Britain’s romantic capital, leading to a surge in enquiries from homeseekers and businesses.

We announced record sales of ‘Grankinis’ for Debenhams.

We reclaimed the Hot Cross Bun for St Albans in partnership with Sainsbury’s, leading to the raising of significant funds for charity.

We announced the probable discovery of alien life in the stratosphere (honestly), the consequences of which may be immeasurable!

Between us we’ve advised on more than one hundred mergers and acquisitions, creating narratives to add meaning and context to the numbers.

We’ve handled crises with skills honed running some of the world’s busiest press offices. We’ve navigated businesses through the challenges of OFT investigations and Competition Commission enquiries.

We’re communications specialists, not sector specialists.  Our first task is to listen, then understand, then translate complex information into simple messages that come alive.  

We work with businesses and organisations of all types and shapes and sizes – from toothpaste companies to investment banks, from supermarkets to universities.

All of our work makes national and often international headline news – and spreads like wildfire across social networks.  Our clients have featured everywhere, telling their own stories – from Newsnight to Desert Island Discs. We love what we do – and we think it shows in the results that we deliver for our clients.

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